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    Athlete’s Foot Prevention

    Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection for people during summer months because on top of the warm weather, people will be exercising more often as well as using public restrooms and pools to cool off. This foot fungal grows from bacteria found in locker rooms, public swimming areas, dirty shoes/socks etc. You don’t have to avoid these types of places just so that you don’t come in contact with the fungus.

    Check out a few tips we have to help you prevent athlete’s foot from happening to you;

    • Keep your feet dry and clean. After swimming or bathing, dry your toes off with a clean towel.
    • Wear breathable shoes. Allowing your feet to breathe properly reduces sweating and moisture to collect within your shoe.
    • Change your socks often. Dirty socks carry a lot of bacteria so by changing your socks often will allow for your feet to breathe and avoid collected bacteria.
    • Wear sandals around public pools, bathrooms or locker rooms.
    • Anti-fungal powders/creams.

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