The #1 Urgent Care Network in New England

    Patient Services

    Acute Illness

    Acute illnesses are typically those of rapid onset, brief and oftentimes, severe in nature. We have state of the art equipment and the resources necessary for acute care.


    We offer treatment for non life-threatening injuries such as cuts and fractures. Some cuts (or lacerations) must be stitched to heal correctly. Typically, fractures are diagnosed via x-ray and then the bone must be set to heal properly.

    Travel Medicine

    Going on a trip? We can provide you with the necessary vaccinations.
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    Sports Injuries

    We will diagnose and treat sports-related injuries. Some common sports injuries are sprains & strains, fractured bones, cuts, and bumps and bruises. We have the full compliment of bandages, splints, casts and/or braces to ensure complete care of your injury.

    Minor Surgical Care

    Cuts, puncture wounds and foreign body removal are all treatable at Doctors Express. Our expert staff can treat these painful injuries quickly and efficiently.

    Lab Services

    Need results fast? Our state-of-the-art lab will get the testing done quickly and efficiently.